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Open Competition Final on Octber 23rd postponed until further notice.

1st and 2nd winners of each week will play on 23rd October for a chance to win B&B for four people in Churchtown House.


4/7/2020 - 1st Martin Hewitt 40pts
                 2nd Aidan Butler 36pts

10/7/2020 - 1st Roy O'Meara 41pts
                   2nd Mark O'Mahony 37pts

17/7/2020 - 1st Colin Fenton 39pts(10)
                   2nd Daniel Hayes 39pts(17)

31/7/2020 - 1st Mark Blackwell 40pts(19)
                   2nd Garrett O'Brien 40pts(15)

7/8/2020 - 1st Eddie Coughlan 43pts
                 2nd Jason Cattigan 38pts

14/8 and 21/8 - cancelled due to weather

28/8/20 - 1st Niall Dillon 35pts(21)
                2nd Niall Greaney 34pts(10)

4/9/2020 - 1st John Neylon 41pts(12)
                  2nd Robert Cussen 38pts(05)

11/9/2020 - 1st Sheila Scott 39pts(27)
                   2nd Max Banner 35pts(05)

18/9/2020 - 1st Gerard O'Sullivan 35pts(04)
                    2nd Max Banner 35pts(05)

25th/9/2020 - No Open 

02/10/2020 - 1st Kieran Casey 38pts(20)
                      2nd Fergal O'Sullivan 37pts(00)

9/10/2020 - 1st Mark O'Connor 40pts(18)
                    2nd Niall Greaney 39pts(10)

16/10/2020 - 1st Garreth O’Donnell 38pts(02)
                        2nd Declan Galvin 38pts(07)